How to make your payment safely and securely to us

United Kingdom Association of Professionals 


In order for any customer wish to make a payment, we offer following options for you to make your payment. 


  • Make payment with your credit or debit card with Paypal.We can send you an invoice to make this payment online. 
  • Make payment with Bank Transfer by using Western Union service as in some countries such as Pakistan and India, UAE the Western Union allows instant credit in Bank Account directly or to Authorized Personal bank account is also available.
  • Make your payment if you are in Pakistan in our authorised  Silk Bank Account IBAN No. PAK02SAUD0000002005173267 
  • Silk Bank Account No. 2005173267 Branch Code: 0063

 Note: Please request us to send you an invoice for all Bank Transfer payment made by the Western Union or thru Telex Transfer to us. If you wish to make a payment through Paypal please request an online invoice to complete in payment in 5 minutes. There will be 8% Tax apply on all payment made by Paypal.


All payments can be verified once they have been made by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in 24 hours we will confirm your payment status.

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