UKAP Level 7 Diploma in Public Health

This course covers the whole breadth of public health, which focuses on high-, middle- and low-income countries. Students can follow a general public health course or concentrate on one of five more specific streams. Which stream to follow will depend on individual needs and is decided with support of course directors and tutors during Term 1.

On successful completion of the course, students will receive an Level 7 Diploma in Public Health. This will reflect their choice of stream:

                Environment & Health

                Health Economics

                Health Promotion

                Health Services Management

                Health Services Research

                Public Health


The decision of which stream to follow will depend on the needs of the student and can be discussed with the Course Directors, while the Course  provide further details on choosing a stream.

In addition to the Diploma in Public Health, other courses at the School may be relevant to students with an interest in public health and applicants should review the pages of other courses as follows: (i) Diploma in Public Health for Development - for those with an interest in low-income countries; (ii) Diploma in Health Policy, Planning & Financing - for applicants with a particular interest in Health Policy; (iii) Diploma in Nutrition for Global Health - for those with an interest in nutrition.

Duration: one year full time; part-time or split-study over two years. 


Term 1


All students complete the Public Health common core, consisting of four compulsory modules:


Basic Statistics for Public Health & Policy

Basic Epidemiology

Introduction for Health Economics

Principles of Social Research

Term 1 Additional Modules


All students take two additional modules, selected from the following:


Environment, Health & Sustainable Development

Health Policy, Process & Power

Health Promotion Theory

Health Services

Issues in Public Health

Important note: one of these modules may be compulsory for a particular stream. Those who have not completed the named module in Term 1 will not be able to take that stream in Terms 2 and 3.


Term 1 Supplementary Modules


Students unfamiliar with computers will need to take the introductory course in basic computer skills. Students are also encouraged to attend the Global Health Lecture Series and seminars organised by Research Modules.


Terms 2 and 3


By the middle of Term 1 students must have selected one of the six streams. During Terms 2 and 3 all students will take a total of five study modules, one from each timetable slot. For most streams two of these modules are compulsory. Which modules these are, and what other modules are available, differs according to the stream.



Project Report


In addition, all students prepare a project report during the summer months (July - August), for submission by early September. The nature of this project may differ between streams, and the content must be relevant to the stream.


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