Qualification type: UKAP Professional qualification

Qualification title: UKAP Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine

Level: Level 7

Accreditation status: Accredited

Qualification number (QN): 26486604

Availability: The UK and international


Why study for a Diploma in Family Medicine?

Family medicine - the 21st Century medical speciality that will change the face of healthcare


This part-time programme aims to equip students with the skills to become family doctors.

 Picture of GP with stethoscope

Doctors who "resolve more and refer less", whose presence will improve the quality of patient care by providing continuity of care and an understanding of the importance of caring for patients in the context of their family and their community.

The programme will provide teaching on the importance of Family Medicine as a discipline in its own right, and students will be able to see how Family Medicine works in practice. Special contact sessions at hospitals will provide the opportunity for students to apply their learning in practice and to augment their learning through discussion with expert tutors and peers.

On this programme you will:

·       develop a broad-based comprehensive approach to health problems affecting all age groups

·       develop an appropriate clinical knowledge and skills base for managing simple and complex health care at the community level

·       build understanding and skills for developing and managing cost-effective holistic care services

·       be able to nurture an ethical and compassionate approach to patients

·       build the principles and practice of family medicine including that of continuity and consistency within quality care

This programme is offered in conjunction with

·       CMC Vellore

·       ICMDA


Programme structure


The programme will run over two academic years. The programme will consist of taught courses of 120 credits, an internship and dissertation (60 credits).


This is a blended learning programme and whilst the majority of the teaching will be through distance learning there will be two compulsory contact teaching periods in a hospital setting, each of 12 days duration and an internship mentorship period of 30 days.


Course Credits

Family Medicine 1      20

Family Medicine 2      20

Family Medicine 3      20

Family Medicine 4      20

Reflective Practice and Principles of General Practice Part 1           10

Reflective Practice and Principles of General Practice Part 2           10

Evidence-based medicine       20

Online Learning

The online learning courses may look like this:


Contact Teaching Periods

During one of the contact teaching periods a typical day might look like this:



Lecture / demonstrations / clinical case discussion / group learning


Bedside clinic and Out Patient Department visits followed by case discussions




2 video lectures followed by Q&A anchored by CMC faculty


Reflection and completion of log book


Entry requirements

Find out if you are a suitable candidate for this programme, including the qualifications you need and the time and computer requirements.



·       You should have completed an undergraduate medical degree programme from a nationally recognised institution and graduated


·       You should currently be in practice or be involved in health policy or health policy management


English language requirements

You must be able to meet the minimum standards that are set out by the College and recommended by the UKAP. You must provide evidence that you meet these criteria unless you are citizen of one of the following countries:


Tests must have been taken within two years of the proposed date of admission, qualifications sat over two years ago are invalid. Photocopies of certificates cannot be accepted unless they have been certified as true copies, for example by the British Council.


A degree from an English speaking country may also be accepted in some circumstances but must be no more than two years old at the beginning of your course.


Note: However in different countries different criteria apply. Please check with your nearest admissions center.

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