Joining a professional body is all about being recognised by your industry and making yourself stand out from the crowd. UKAP has a number of career recognition tools to help you.


Post-nominal letters

Help set yourself, apart from your peers with internationally recognised UKAP post-nominal letters including MUKAP.


Internet register of Professionals and Fellows

With your agreement, your name will be included on a public register, which is available through this website to potential clients and employers as a resource for finding current leading practitioners.


Use of the UKAP logo (Professional members and above only)

Highlight your professionalism with the use of the UKAP Member logos on all personal stationery, CV's or any form of written or electronic communications.



Celebrate your achievement with your UKAP membership certificate (AMUKAP and above).  A framing and plaque service are available for those members who wish to display their achievement.


Professionalism in your Profession

Be proud to be part of UKAP as we campaign for recognition in your career to exist at the same level as other professions such as IT, Manager, Marketing, Finance, Law, Accountancy, and Medicine.


Recommend and nominate a member

Recommending and Nominating a member allows you to put forward peers, individuals or colleagues that you feel would benefit from UKAP membership. Help us increase our impact and make your career a profession of the future.



To maximise your potential for lifetime employability, it is essential you maintain a high level of professional competence by continually upgrading your skills and knowledge.


UKAP Careers Section

Our series of articles will give you hints and tips on getting the job you want now plus the one that you are aspiring to obtain in the years to come.

 From freelancing to the all important covering letters, CVs  and application forms, right through to making the winning impression at interviews - it's all dealt with in our Careers section. 


Ongoing Professional Development

Under the UKAP Code of Conduct and Practice, there is a requirement for you to develop and maintain your skills.



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