Become a UKAP Global Learning Premium Partner

Join us as a UKAP Global Learning Premium Partner to promote your courses, access new students and enjoy a range of tailored benefits from UKAP. 


Who is this level for?

Global Learning Premium Partner is most suitable for established courses with a consistent track record of success; suitable for all forms of provision, face to face, online or distance learning. Accreditation is available for stepped qualifications eg QCF Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or the full professional qualification. Where the full qualification is offered, all subjects/levels must be to same standard.


What are the benefits of membership at this level?

At this level, we offer the opportunity to work in partnership with UKAP, raising your profile still further and providing support when you need it, a “hands off” approach when you don’t.


Support benefits include all those offered to UKAP Global Learning Advanced Partners plus:


·       “Hands off” approach to monitoring subject to sustained performance

·       Consultancy if areas of concern are identified

·       Invitation to Conferences

·       Access to Harvard Manage Mentor for Course Leaders


Marketing and Promotional benefits include all those offered to UKAP Global Learning Advanced Partners plus:


·       Use of UKAP Global Learning Premium Partner logo

·       UKAP Global Learning Premium Partner certificate

·       Twice yearly listing in FM Study Notes app alongside copy promoting UKAP Global Learning

·       Recommended to employers via UKAP Training & Development scheme

·       Opportunities to be the expert for online and UKAP Connect events eg.

·       Opportunities to be guest speakers/presenters at UKAP events such as Exam Techniques workshops/subject specific events

·       Opportunities to write questions for UKAP question banks

·       Collaboration on developments within education eg syllabus reviews.


How does accreditation work and how long does it last?

Initial accreditation is for 12 months and will be reviewed annually; this may or may not involve a visit from UKAP. Continued accreditation at this level is dependent on meeting UKAP Global Learning targets including those for pass rates. Weaknesses in results in one subject or at one exam sitting will not result in immediate action but a move to Advanced Partner level may be appropriate if there are consistent problems with pass rates. A return to Premium Partner can be considered when pass rates improve/become consistent


Is there a fee?

There is an annual fee of GBP1000, payable first year. On receipt of the fee, your organisation will be listed in the searchable tuition provider database and your new (dated) logo, certificate and promotional pack will be sent out. 


How do I apply?

In order to be accredited as a UKAP Global Learning Premium Partner, you must demonstrate that you meet the global standards for Premium Partner accreditation in the UKAP Global Learning matrix. You will also need to complete the application form for Premium Partner which includes a requirement to provide evidence to support the standards at this level including meeting pass rate targets for all subjects taught. There is an annual fee of GBP750 (+ VAT). Course providers outside the UK are not required to pay VAT. You will be invoiced once your application has been received and approved.


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