Membership Level, Requirements & Fees


UKAP Professional Membership allows individuals to become a part of a body for professionals to exchange ideas, contacts and set standards of good practice within the sectors.


Professional Membership can be gained via practical experience in relevant sectors or alternatively by holding one of the UKAP qualifications. The level of membership will reflect members’ experience and status in the sector. Please see below for a listing of criteria:


 Membership Fee 

 First Year

Second Year 

 Third Year

Student Member




Technical ship Level 4




Associateship Level 5




Professional Ship Level 6




Fellowship Level 7




Doctoral Fellowship Level 8




*Confers designatory letters upon an individual.




Note: Each application is assessed on experience within the relevant sectors and qualifications.

Once assessed, applicant will be informed and advised on how to apply for an upgrade. Professional Membership is valid for twelve months and must be renewed on an annual basis.


Applying for Professional Membership

Professional Membership Application Form. Alternatively, make a request at membershipThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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