Level 6 Professional Diploma in International Health Management & Human Resource Management

This postgraduate Level 6 Professional  Diploma refines your understanding of international health care, and the operational skills that ensure its key challenges are met. 

You will explore the specialist communications and management operations employed by international health care organisations. These core business skills will be developed alongside a deep-level understanding of how health care is delivered around the world. 

This course is accredited by DETC UK.

Course content

This diploma programme focuses on global health issues with a management emphasis. You will have the chance to explore the processes used in managing efficiency, quality and operational changes, as well as dealing with key areas like human resources.

Career direction

Your qualification will prepare you for a range of future management positions. These could include Hospital Department Manager, Head of Health Management and Senior Healthcare Assistant.

Study in a global capital

London is home to the headquarters of many major global healthcare providers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It is the ideal place to start putting your advanced skills to good use, and to take your career forward in an international context.

Course structure

The focus of the programme is the on the collection of issues impacting global health. Designed with a management emphasis, it provides the knowledge you require to develop an efficient organisational culture in any cultural setting.

Your one year study programme will consist of nine primarily health-oriented modules.

Course Modules

Year 1

  • Change Management
  • Human Resources Planning & Development
  • Management in the International Healthcare Environment
  • Organisational Culture & Values
  • Communications Strategies
  • International Health
  • Managing Finance
  • Management Project
  • Quality & Systems Management

  1 year, full-time

·        Students at least 19 years of age

·        UK Bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as medicine or nursing.

·        Applicants with other qualifications or a deep interest in Health and Social Care will be considered  and are encouraged to apply with full details of their experience, qualifications, aptitude, and aspirations.




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