About Qualifications

UKAP offers a range of qualifications which meet the learning needs of students worldwide. Below you will find some of the listed programs offered by UKAP.

You may be either already in employment and wish to further your career by studying for a professional qualification, or alternatively, you may wish to follow the UKAP Fast Track route* to a university degree. Either way, UKAP is here to support you and to help you reach your goals.



What is the DETC System?

The DETC system is based on units which have credit value and levels (from Entry Level to Level 8). One credit roughly equals 10 learning hours which allows the learners to evaluate how much time they will need to gain the desired qualification. According to the DETC system, the learners can gain three types of qualifications:


·       awards

·       certificates

·       diplomas


UKAP has taken the opportunity to thoroughly revise its suite of qualifications in order to provide the most relevant and focused learning experience for students. UKAP's qualifications are examined at Level 4 Level 5 Certificate Level 6 Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma.

All qualifications offered by UKAP are fully accredited by Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

UKAP qualifications are very flexible. Each qualification is made up of a designated number of units and the optional nature of these units enables you to specialize in the areas that particularly interest you.

Units can be studied in any order. Several units are common to more than one program so you can choose to switch between qualifications or easily move on to take a second qualification at the same level.


UKAP is recognized by the DETC, UK. DETC Levels are Equivalent official qualifications regulatory accrediting body, DETC  assesses qualifications by ‘Levels’ as for Quality and Credit Framework they are titled accordingly. This table explains which qualifications are at equivalent levels.

UKAP Level

Examples of other qualifications at the same level of learning difficulty

Level 1

GCSE Grade D-G Foundation

Level 2

GCSE Grades A – C


Apply knowledge with underpinning comprehension in a number of areas and employ a range of skills within a number of contexts, some of which may be nonroutine and undertake directed activities, with a degree of autonomy, within time constraints

Level 3

UK ‘A’ Level , International Baccalaureate UKAP Award, Certificate or Diploma Level 3

Level 4

Level 4 HNC, first year of a 3 year Bachelor's degree course UKAP Award, Certificate or Diploma Level

Level 5

HND, Higher Diploma, Foundation degree, second year of a 3-year Bachelor's degree course, UKAP Professional Awards, Certificate or Diploma Level 5

Level 6

Bachelor's Degree, Graduate Diploma

UKAP Advanced Professional Award, Certificate or Diploma Level 6

Level 7

Master's Degree, Graduate Diploma

UKAP Advanced Professional Award, Certificate or Diploma Level 7

Level 8

Ph.D. Level Diploma


Credits are assigned to regulated qualifications and recognized by universities in many countries. The credits you achieve through some qualifications may count towards others if you have covered similar learning outcomes at a comparable level.

As a general rule, ten hours of learning (including both taught and self-study) equates to approximately one credit.
If you require any verification or have any questions about our qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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