We Provide Professional Training

What we do

Offering the widest range of vocational qualifications in the UK, UKAP is uniquely placed to meet the needs of your learners.

Our purpose is to help learners into a job, develop in the job and move onto the next job. We believe that the best way to do this is by supporting colleges and training providers to:


·       continually raise their standards

·         reduce administration costs and deliver efficiencies

·         grow their business, enabling more learners to gain skills

·         move to digital delivery.


What we offer

We offer qualifications in over 26 industries with progression from entry level through to level 7. Choose from our full offer to support 14–19, into work and adults in work provision, or work with us to develop and deliver tailored solutions.

Through the companies within UKAP Group we can offer:

·         leadership and management development

·         thought leadership

·         best in class e-learning and technology

·         connections to employers in the UK and overseas.


Benefits of working with us

·         We’re committed to helping your organisation grow – our business managers and product advisors can help you with curriculum planning and local market analysis

·         We’re focused on quality – with UKAP quality consultants you can be sure you’re delivering the very highest quality learning

·         With UKAP you can offer more – we offer the widest range of vocational qualifications and work with leading trade organisations to develop new courses

·         We can help you win employer business – over 99% of potential employers recognise our brand, so you can be sure your learners will be attractive to them

·         We support you ever step of the way – our tools, support materials and support staff will help you cut administration costs and deliver efficiency.

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