Code of Practice

The United Kingdom Association of Professionals (UKAP) has produced a Code of Professional Practice to enable its Members to play an active part in promoting and maintaining honourable managerial practice, thereby developing the confidence of the communities in which they live.

Members of the Association shall, therefore, in their capacity as managers:

·       Comply with the law and professional standards of the country in which they work.

·       Maintain fully any requirements for confidentiality.

·       Behave at all times with integrity and without claiming knowledge and/or experience beyond their level of competence.

·       Ensure that, in giving advice, any relevant personal interest is disclosed.

·       Accept full responsibility for any work undertaken either personally or by delegation and ensure its completion.

·       Ensure that actions in the exercise of managerial functions are fully in accordance with the aims of the Association of Business Executives, namely the promotion and advancement of the study of management and administration in industry, commerce and the public service and the continued up-dating of professional knowledge of individual members of the Association in all aspects of managerial expertise.

·       In pursuance of the above, give wholehearted support to junior, trainee or potential managers in the development of their professional managerial status.

Student members should adhere to this Code within the limits of their expertise, knowledge and capabilities.

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