UKAP qualifications portfolio includes awards, certificates, and diplomas from level 3 to 8 that are the culmination of expert input from colleges, industry professionals and our qualification development team.

UKAP Professional Qualification

The UKAP Professional Qualification is recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business.

By studying with UKAP you will be joining a global organisation powered by leading bodies United States USAP. We work together to make management accounting the most valued profession in business worldwide.

On completion of the UKAP Professional Qualification, you will be awarded the UKAP designation, recognising your value and showcasing your professionalism, skills, ethics and commitment.

As Professionals you need to understand how businesses operate, how they are managed, how people work together and how strategy is formulated.

They also need to be able to provide the analysis which managers need to understand the economics of a businesses’ operations, to manage performance and to manage risk. These capabilities are in addition to the core technical financial accounting skills expected of a professional accountant.

Only the UKAP Professional Qualification can give you the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience needed add value to organisations and drive business success.

UKAP also has partnerships with many UK and international universities providing opportunities to progress to Bachelors and Master’s degree. You can see your progression opportunities on our flow chart here.

Educating for employability

The increasing complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity in the operating environments of organisations make it difficult for their leaders and employees to create and preserve value. Finance professional with high quality technical skills, deep understanding of their organisations, and the ability to influence and lead people can provide the insight those organisations need to craft and successful execute their strategies.


The UKAP Professional Qualification has been designed to enable this. Our syllabus and assessment bridges the skills gaps of newly qualified finance professionals worldwide, meeting the employability needs of both business and people and is aligned to the real world of business.